Watching Gavere-I Wish Telemetry For Pro Riders Was Broadcasted

Since power is so widely used these days I wish we could see live performance metrics of each rider. Power, heart rate and speed would be cool. Seeing these guys motor through mud, sand etc…they make it look easy but, I think it would give a better perspective how awesome these guys can ride and how hard and fast they recover from huge efforts. Also, it would be fun to see the averages for the race like power, NP, HR and speed. Most of us have a good idea of how hard we can go for an hour. The numbers these guys are doing (I think) would blow people away.


I too think it would be fun to see some data on watt, cadence and HR. But as the data would be very stochastic they’d have to find a way to present them that didn’t just confuse the average viewer.

Maybe a bit like UCI Track Champions League where they show selected numbers - f.ex. peaks or live data at selected times such as during a sprint. The rest of the data is accessible via an app or site.

The efforts by these guys and gals must be insane. If we knew their FTP we would probably see Intensity Factors over 1.0 for an hour.

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