Vittoria gravel inserts

Anyone use victoria grave inserts on 45mm tires? The recommended range goes up to 40 mm, so was wondering if they still do the job on 45s. Their mtb inserts a a bit too wide.

They ‘suggest’ 31’s to 40’s. It looks like as long as the rim isn’t overly wider than 25mm, the inserts look like they should work. You still have to add air, and as long as the insert sits in the tire, you can still ride on it when needed. I would wonder if it would roll in hard corners in wider tires. Would foam backer rod material be wider?

Yep, I have run them in 25IW wheels with tires that measure 45mm for the past 8 months. Yesterday used the run flat because I didn’t realize I had slow punctured.

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I used them last year w/ Maxxis Rambler 45s for Big Sugar….no issues at all and were definitely a benefit on that course.

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