Using stages PM with dumb turbo?

I have a novu elite smart trainer but I notice a difference from when the trainer is on erg to resistance so I have just being switching the " forget device" off. Is this affecting power and is this the same as using my left stages PM on a dumb trainer.

Do you use the stages with the elite trainer and power match?
"notice a difference from when the trainer is on erg to resistance ", in erg the trainer will try to match the required power of the workout. In resistance mode it defaults to a preset value and you need to change gears to hit the power target.
One point I would note with the resistance unit on those trainers is they are not calibrated acturately and often over estimate power output.
I’d be using the stages pm and power match

Ok so I should use stages PM and power match on the trainer???

The stages PM is reading a fair bit higher than the trainer. About 40 watts or so.

Yes use stages and power match. I had another elite trainer, same resistance unit, they’re known to be inaccurate

So will I just disconnect the turbo trainer altogether and just use the stages.

Leaving that trainer disconnected would give little resistance. In the devices menu select stages as power source and trainer as resistance unit, that way you can use in erg mode . You can also select resistance mode in trainer menu and change gear to alter power levels.

This article probably better explaination

Great stuff, thanks. I was surprised in difference in power but great to get my ftp from 220 to around 255. I wonder was my trainer ever accurate with power for eg was it accurate when I got it first but then gradually became inaccurate.

hard to say, I do know those elites are known to be inaccurate.