Using Garmin watch to track RHR

Garmin 935 and 945. Body battery is a really useful metric for understanding how well I recovered. RHR is relatively consistent unless I’m increasing workload or sick. If I’m sick, the rhr will creep up towards 45-50 where normally it’s 38-42.

I make breakfast and check to see how much my body battery has dropped from that “stress” before logging into work and it helps drive decisions about how much I do in a day. If it drops by 2-5, then I’m good. If it dropped 15, I didn’t recover as well. Do I tack on that group run or rock climbing with friends after a vo2 workout? Do I need a nap in the afternoon to hit my workout for the day? How much are workouts going to impact my ability in meetings or taking care of life things.

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It’s first time I’ve been ill since having the watch so all new to me. Metrics are definitely tracking how I’m feeling and last night was a good night’s sleep, on the road to recovery… Body battery recharging better

RHR on the way back down

Will wait until it hits my baseline before I start cycling/running again.

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Mine looks like that and I’ve never got any sensible pattern out of it. Just goes up and down. The only thing I’ve noticed is that vacation lowers it generally (but not every day).

I find my 245 very consistent. I see the spike after a few beers, and outside of that it’s generally indicator (or confirmation) that I’m sick. I’m happy enough to trust it when I start to feel better not to go too deep until it’s back to usual range - that’s probably where I find it most useful.

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Finally back into my normal range. Still have lingering throat/chest stuff but feeling a lot better, maybe I’ll start some light exercise this weekend.

Just need the 7 day average now to stick around 39-40…guess that’ll take a week!

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