Use of Safety Cameras on Bikes

Me too. I saw it a few months back at the Tour Down Under but I haven’t heard from them since.


I have the Varia (RVR315) and a small bar end mirror (CatEye BM45) and I can say that I feel totally safe ever since. The radar for the warning, the mirror to check the speed and distance of the car(s) behind me. I have plenty of time if I see something “fishy” going on, and take action. It is the difference from riding nearly “blind” to see almost everything that goes on behind you. I’m pretty sure that many that have suffered bad injuries (or worst) could have been saved with this simple setup. Camera is another addition to this equation, but personally, I do not feel the need for it. To all of you out there on the road, please please give it a try.

US based reporting and analysis site:

UPDATE: I bought one of these and it’s like magic!

It has solved 99.9% of close passes. Drivers have miraculously turned into courteous road users.

I’d recommend it for sure.


Unfortunately, I don’t think drivers in the US would understand what that symbol represents.