UCI Gravel World Series (2023)

I rode this year. My time was 30-40minutes slower than my BBS estimate. I’ve used BBS quite a few times in the past and is normally quite accurate.

was that because of the gravel conditions (fat/chunky/chonky)? or the climbing? or both?


I’ve thought about it quite a lot since and rerun the simulation, I can’t really identify it. I think it has to be a combination of multiple factors- through slippery corners, parts of the course slower than expected due to mud/rain. Also see below:

Another factor: (ultimately didn’t change my day/ride) Annoyingly BBS wouldn’t work on my Wahoo on the day due to an update. I liased with BBS and it was a known issue, and they were aware that it wouldn’t work on some Wahoo units.

Post race my power and VI was pretty close to BBS plan.

Today was the race in Roden, northern Netherlands, and I got cooked really well. Starting pretty late in the field, and just not having the power to hang onto the fast groups. Even Marianne Vos only came in fourth for women, so the field clearly was declared
Nevertheless, the Event was fun in general. However, the course was boring af, with the highlight clearly being the first fuel station inside a cow barn.
The course was never challenging, felt a little contrived at times and it’s just too flipping flat. I mean, how is any place in the worlds THIS flat?
The event itself was organized very well, 1300+ participants, and perfect weather.



Seems kinda self-evident, no? :crazy_face:

Glad it was great event. Aid station in a barn sounds pretty cool!!!

I live in Lower Saxony (literally Nether-Saxony) which is pan flat, too, and not very far from the Dutch border. Yet, a 100k gravel ride would always have at least 100m+ of elevation gain, unless you specifically designed it for having as little climbing as possible. But sub 10m of climbing on a 150k ride?
Apparently the map data isn’t more accurate than that, the bumps in the road alone should add up to more than that :sweat_smile:. But it is true. The course didn’t have a single ascent or descent, which made it pretty taxing staying in the same position the entire time.

Yeah, that was a nice touch. The race was crossing the entire farm, and we went into the barn, where the aid-station was, which really upset a couple of the locals (mooing in anger) and then around a few more farm buildings.


Looks like team USA is there in force for the world champs in Italy. Pretty exciting to see how they measure up. I imagine they will be riding for Keegan. Thoughts?

Alexey is really flying right now and knows his way around the WT peloton a lot better. They’d be wise to keep him as an option.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how it plays out as they have such a big team and the “teams” last year didn’t get it right with reeling the break in. Are the Americans strong enough? Will the Belgians and Dutch control it?


That is definitely the plan…Payson has talked about this on a recent Bonk Bros podcast, as well as his own. They are relying heavily on Alexy’s road experience / knowledge to help best position Keegan during the race.

As noted in another thread, I think it is going to be tough for Keegan to factor in this race. It is much more of a road race than a US gravel race and the start list is deep. Should be a great race, though.

The womens start list is equally impressive…

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Has anyone seen any info at all for TV or live streaming coverage for this weekend? Nothing on the UCI race hub (unlike 2022 where it has the streaming details) 2023 UCI GRAVEL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS | UCI

Nothing on GCN schedule or FloBikes schedule.

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No live coverage for this event.
LoL - can UCI suck even more?

The promotors they choose are some joke last minute clowns. Just give it to the burgers from BWR with their fancy drones and buggies for cool dynamic coverage


You have to fly to Italy to watch it live. LMAO…wtf UCI - SMH.



Nice, the GCN+ app is a god send. I love watching all the different types of racing that they cover - a bit off topic but can’t wait for the Euro cross season to start.


Excited to see how Luke Lamperti does. He and Keegan are the best hopes for Team USA (on the guys side).


anybody know if there is any sort of athlete tracker? My friend is riding the women’s 40-44 category

I’m a bit confused by the pic. What do they mean that coverage is available on GCN+ but it won’t e streamed on the GCN+ platform?

I have a GCN plus subscription. Can I watch it or not? Lol sorry if the answer is painfully obvious

There will be live coverage on gcn+ on sunday from 2pm local time.

But wtf 90 minutes only?!

I’ve bought gcn+ subscription especially for that race and if they won’t even show the start I might end up with some illegal italian stream or whatever I can found.

That’s beyond my mind that the fastest growing cycling sport has world championships event organized in such an amateur way.


True but fastest growing is usually because it’s the smallest. Last years race was straight up boring to watch. Not surprised they will only cover the last 90mins

Don’t blame GCN…this is likely the total of the broadcast available.

Covering gravel races is tough….narrower roads, more remote locations, etc. it may actually be a bit easier in Europe than the US, but some for the same challenges remain.