Tyre widths on rollers

I have completed SSB1 and SSB2 mid volume. I am on the recovery week of SPB1.

I have kept my set up consistent and have seen great improvements.

Up until now!

My tyres have worn out (vittoria corsa control 28mm inflated to 90psi). I have more on order, but in the meantime have fitted some 37mm vittoria randaneur, max pressure 70psi.

I know I should take a ramp test with the 37mm, but I am in a recovery week and the new tyres should be with me by the end of the week.

I use sportcrafters rollers, with resistance drum and use virtual power. I tried an endurance ride today (townsend) having adjusted wheel circumference on the trainerroad app. I reduced the target power by 10% - but it felt all wrong!

Is there a way of working out target power with different tyre widths and presures?? Or should I just ride on RPE until the new tyres arrive??

  • Not really. Tire construction matters as much as size. Mix the two and you have quite a lot of unknown differences to functional rolling resistance, that will greatly impact Virtual Power data.
  • If you want to avoid a test, RPE is your best option. Keep an eye on Heart Rate (if you have previously) and you may be able to use that as a secondary guide.