Tyre thread on wheel-on Turbo Trainer

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice and this is probably a stupid question, but how much difference/ resistance does the thread on a tyre make when using a wheel on turbo trainer. I’m currently using my hybrid bike on my elite volaro wheel on trainer with trainer road.

The tube in the wheel with my trainer tyre on it punctured recently and i havn’t had a chance to repair/replace it yet. Since then I’ve been using my outdoors wheel which has a thread on it (see picture below). Since I’ve been using that, without changing any other settings on the trainer, it has been harder to maintain the same amount of power. To the point that I completed Eclipse with an average power of 202 watts prior to changing the wheel, and today I stopped Carillion after 35 minutes with average power of 130 watts.

In between these I tried two other rides with similar results, I had to stop them early due to much higher difficulties than I was expecting, and after one of them I felt quite unwell (I hit the wall but only after 30 minutes, albeit fasted x 12 hours). I took a week off riding (combination of work and coursework, along with thinking I was overtraining, even though I was only training 3.5 hours per week) to see if that made any difference, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have.

I’m planning on changing the tube in the trainer tyre later this week and trying that to see if it makes any difference. Has anyone had any similar issues?

Sorry about the wall of text and the probably rambling nature of said text
PS sorry for poor quality photos of the tyres, I had plugged out the lights in the paincave/ shed before I thought of taking a photo

IMG_20181210_210709 IMG_20181210_210715 IMG_20181210_210729

Changes in equipment or fitness - new ramp test. Ignore the virtual power numbers, it’s just scaling.


Hey, thanks for the reply, i’ll do a new ramp test, i know the virtual power numbers aren’t the most accurate of numbers but they’re all I’ve got at the moment

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