Typo in Plan Selection Pane?

@Bryce I don’t know if this is a typo or just a font thing, but it looks like ‘difficult’ is spelt incorrectly on the following screenshot e.g. d i f f l c u l t rather than d i f f i c u l t? Retyping it now, it does actually look like a font issue which is shame.

This does appear to be a font issue, may I ask what your screen resolution is? I tried to replicate this issue and the dot on my “i” shows up as it should:

Its possible that on lower resolutions, or in smaller browser windows, this detail is lost.

Let me know!

Bryce, resolution is: 1920 x 1080 running in Firefox.

Interestingly, it looks okay in the Windows app.

Thanks @swgregg.

I’m not sure exactly what can be done about this, but I will mention the typeface issue to the design team since they’re the experts :+1:.

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