Tubolar 23/25 mm front/rear

Hi, I want to try to mount on.the bike two different measures of tubolar, but im not sure if the 25mm tubolar is better on front and 23on rear or vice versa. Thx

Mountain bike and BMX setups often run a wider or higher grip tire on the front. Idea is max grip for steering. Thinner rear for faster pedal feel. Not sure that makes sense for road?

Another option is wider at the rear based on the common weight distribution of more weight on the rear. Would allow for more equal tire pressure vs the common practice using less pressure in the front tire for the weight difference on each tire. Again, not sure it makes sense for this reason?

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I would say it would be determined by what your aim is. If you are more concerned with aerodynamics then the 23mm is probably better (depending on your rims). If you are more concerned with grip in turns or comfort then the 25mm is probably better.

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It depends on the rims as well. Some tubular rims are so wide now that a 23 won’t fit well. If aerodynamics is your aim, run a 23 front and 25 rear. Otherwise run 25s or 27s front and rear for better comfort, better control, and lower rolling resistance.

23 frt for aero, 25 rear for comfort.