TSS and IF Discrepancy

I was wondering why my CTL (TP) was not increasing as expected from my TR workouts and starting comparing my TR workout data to synced data in TP. I noticed my TSS and IF were lower in TP for several past workouts, thus effecting my CTL.

Do you have the same FTP setting in both TP and TR?

Yes, all settings (FTP, weight, age etc.) are the same.

The key might be that you had a different FTP for the past workouts in question. If you’ve changed the FTP settings at different times the calculated TSS for past rides won’t automatically update based on your current FTP (this is as designed)

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@trpnhntr is right on the money here.

hmm, thought TP CTL and TR 6-week Daily Average lined up last time I looked. All of my TSS/IF are matched up on rides, but there is a ~10 point difference between the two now (TR is ~10 points higher).