Trying not to N+1 my fleet

So I’m always looking at new and shiny things. I also have an OCD thing with matching my fleet or even matching my bike to what shoes I’m riding. I know it sounds crazy, but it is how I am.

Right now, I have a Pivot Mach4SL, a Pivot Trail 429 (New Version), and an older Pivot Vault…see what I’m saying about matching.

The Mach4SL is in the shop getting a new rear shock. It has been upgraded to with a Fox 34 100mm stepcast fork.

The 429 has just gotten a new set of wheels

I’ve been thinking about an Epic Evo or even the Epic. I ride XC more than anything, and anything much more than what the Trail429 can handle is a day to get me in trouble.

Talk me out of the N+1 situation…

Or at least compare the Epic to the Mach4SL


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You only have three bikes?!


Do what you enjoy! As long as it fits in the budget go for it. I did just sell two to build a new ride but I’m still at 8 complete bikes. Talk you out of it, heck no😎

I know, right!

I’m just always looking for the next bling!


I haven’t tested an Epic or a Mach 4 in a few years, but my ride impressions were that the Epic was very harsh and one of those “suffer for the marginal gains” things whereas the Mach 4 was more plush. Again, that was a few years ago, things might have changed.

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I have an Epic Evo Pro coming from a similar Norco Revolver FS120. I did look at the Pivot Mach 4 but decided the Geo was more XC than DC so went for the revolver and then Epic Evo. I alos thought that the Mach4 would be upgraded by Pivot pretty soon.

@Jason_Kennedy Do you like the EVo? I also feel that the Mach4SL is about due for a reboot.


@HumpDiesel yes I do like the Evo. Not as big an upgrade as maybe I thought from the Norco Revolver but it has the magic 2 water bottles, press fit BB and decent geometry.

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There must surely be an updated mach 4 (or Mach 5) SL due.

Maybe wait for that.

The Epic Evo does look awesome. There’s an awful lot of overlap between the Mach4 and Trail429 as far as I can tell.

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Never ridden the Pivot but do have an Epic Evo. I like it. It is a fast bike… and more XC than “down country” in my opinion. Bike is stiff and firm, beats you up a bit on the chunky downhill but is a good climber. You just feel faster. It’s the bike I ride when I want to go fast!

Also have a Santa Cruz Blur XC and Tallboy 4. Tallboy is my daily bike, plush and good all rounder. Best descender of them all, climbs great for a trail bike but nowhere near the Evo or Blur.

Not surprisingly, the Blur being my only pure XC race bike, is that fastest (though not by much). It just wants to go faster and this may sound weird but the bike “encourages” you to go to that next gear. Like the Evo you are going faster than you think. Best climber of my three bikes, absorbs the hits better than the Evo but to be fair different suspension and set up.

All that said, Evo is a great bike… if you don’t have it yet you won’t be disappointed!

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@liam_mail I’m sure they will be updating it, and it would be nice to see what they do. That being said, I just got mine back from a fork upgrade and new shock. It’s almost all full XTR and I don’t see me buying one of them.

I’ve wanted the EVO since it came out. Could be wrong, but I think it can fit what I do more, but it might also be too close to the bikes I have already.


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