Truing help I think it's about offset

So like you can se my wheel is not straight in the frame. It’s a rocky mountain slayer 2020. It was a bike shop who did this. I’m thinking about try to fix this myself. So if the wheel is offset I need to calibrate my truing stand somehow. Anybody got any tips? Thank you if you got answers!!!

  • If the shop messed it up (presumably as part of a wheel truing operation you paid for), why not get them to fix their mistake (assuming it was properly setup before they touched it)?

Your time and money, but if I paid for something, I’d want it to be done right from the source. Whoever does it (you or them) a dishing tool should be used to verify proper centering (because some truing stands don’t guarantee proper centering unless the are setup and maintained properly).

I’d be worried about the tensions in that wheel so would want it properly looked at… whether that would be at the shop that let that out like that is up to you! Looks like it needs a half turn on the drive side spokes, but it could be all over the place tension wise.

EDIT: If it’s QR, obviously check it’s actually in the dropouts properly first…

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Centered is centered, you shouldn’t have to adjust your truing stand.

Toss the wheel in the truing stand as is. See if it is offset in the stand as well, and which direction. Now flip it over in the stand. Is it still offset the same amount? Offset to the same side?

If you’re really concerned, take it back to the shop.

Thanks for help solved it myself by truing it and a little measurement

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