Treadmill recommendations UK

Loads of you guys have TMs in your pain caves. I’m looking for recommendations for a TM I can buy in the UK for 1-2k. For moderate use.

I don’t want to buy second hand really. Supply is really limited just now new and 2nd hand tbh.

I’m not looking for a debate on the merits on TMs just 1st hand recommendations.


I could not find any reliable reviews or recommendations, unless you’re looking at really expensive ones. I just bought what I could get hold of, that covered my likely top interval speed, for a price I was willing to pay.

It stopped working 5 months later, and I’ve been waiting for an engineer since December.

Argh this is why I posted seems so hard to get anyone to say what’s decent. People seem to like Sole but not much of that in the UK. Nordic trac had like 2 stars on trust pilot. JTX maybe but it’s just trying to get a 1st hand recommendations or review. Need DC rainmaker to get into TM reviews.


I searched for ages without anything definitive in terms of a decent review. I went for Branx in the end. Reasonable price and the customer service was solid. No issues with it at all. Use it a couple of times a week generally, less so over the summer. Sub £1k. The only other one I considered was the technogym myrun, though couldn’t square the additional expense with the use it would actually have.

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Thanks. Is this the one? Myrun looks great but I also wouldn’t run on it enough to justify it.

I’ve had a look that actually looks cracking the specs are very good for the price as it’s the warranty. This is very high if not top of the list. Thanks for the recommendation. Now to look for reviews!

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Looks like you can get Sole treadmills in the UK. Sole F80 or F85 always have good ratings. I ended up with the F80 and have about 50 miles on it so far. Really like it and it feels near commercial gym quality. You’ll probably have the same issue over there trying to find one in stock.


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I’ve actually found an f80 in stock for 1800. Not sure the outlay Vs the branx is worth it for the use it would get. But I am tempted by the quality and reputation of the sole.

Got this back 2012, think it was about £700 so not exactly top of the range but it has high enough speed range for my needs. Gets used at least twice a week and only replaced the running belt last year. Belt was £110 from UK supplier, the deck board is showing signs of wear and will need replaced soon.
For your budget you could probably get a smart treadmill which could be paired with likes of Zwift

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That’s the one.

I think it’s great value and decent spec, and mine has been flawless to date.

The reviews I could find were all positive.

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Where are you planning to have it installed?

Be aware that most if not all void the warranty if it’s used in a garage or other unheated or separate building to your dwelling.

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It’s what’s described officially as a garden room. It was previously an internal garage but has been incorporated into the envelope of the house, ie part of it was used for the house and the rest designated as garden room and given its own door etc.

However it is unheated. I’ll look at the warranties but don’t have an alternative place. If the warranty is void I might do second hand.

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I bought a Nordictrack T9.5S and love it. Was also super hard to get almost any reviews or recommendations.

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Thanks for that. how long have your had it? Do you use the ifit stuff?

Nice one thanks. They rate horizon over on slowtwitch. I saw one in Fitness superstore. Real world reviews from people who have them are so useful!

Ive had it for almost a year and absolutely love it. Super solid (even given I assembled it), great quality and not expensive. I don’t use iRun but my wife dies and loves it.

Nothing against the brand but I found Horizon a bit plasticky in quality and overpriced for the value.

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I have the NordicTrack T14, it’s been pretty good for the 3 years I have had it and gets used regularly. It has a built in screen and good speed/incline range.

My only slight annoyance is that it nags you to get an iFit subscription. You can use it manually or a number of free workouts that change regularly so it’s not too bad, but you have to go though a few menus to find the free workouts.