Trainnow Just Wants me to Rest

Traditionally I have used the standard plans in the winter season and found them very effective. This year I have been using Trainnow sometimes for my mid-week workouts with outdoor riding at the weekend. But I find that as soon as I do a long ride then it tells me that the next few days are rest days and so won’t recommend anything at all, not even a recovery ride. Should be able to override that and ask for something,

Try going to Account > Adaptive Training > Training Approach. Then use the slider to the right toward Aggressive.


thank you, it was set to balanced I have done that and will see what it does. A couple of weeks back it gave me four rest days and I was far from overtraining, so let’s see what comes now. Thanks again.

Hey @w4rider :slight_smile:

Another workaround would be to pick a workout from the Workout Library. I would probably recommend keeping it in the Endurance Achievable Difficulty Level.

Just as a reminder, Red Light Green Light helps avoid fatigue long-term. On a red day, you could complete a workout perfectly, but if you push past the boundary of productive fatigue, RLGL will recommend adaptations to keep your training high-quality and consistent.

Think of it like spending on your credit card when you’re close to your limit. Every workout has a cost. Yellow and Red days are warning signs you are spending too much. If you are spending too much, you have to adjust your spending habits to get back on track.

I see that in March and April, you haven’t been riding as much and the outside rides you’ve done are pretty solid efforts! :muscle: So I am not surprised to see red days right after them :sweat_smile:. Maybe try spreading hard efforts throughout the week so they are not so close to each other if you can. This will allow more recovery in between and potentially avoid as many red days.

Of course, as you train with more consistency, recover, and get more fit, the amount of stress you can productively manage changes.

I like to think about it this way: rather than thinking about how much time do I have available to train, it is better to think about how much training can I efficiently recover from.


Thanks Caro, that makes sense.

TR doesn’t know my non-training plans so sometimes I am deliberately borrowing from the credit card - for example 24th March I wanted to do a session because I was travelling for the next 4 days and wouldn’t have a change to pedal. So I searched for a ride manually and did it, but I love the “train now” option that takes away my need to think. I like the idea of thinking of the colours as a “how in debt you are” but want to be able to easily override it. (TR also doesn’t know the non-peddling things like skiing so I have to remember that sometimes that leg credit card is maxed out :slight_smile:

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Sounds like bliss…