Training with Power - Auto FTP Detection

Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a power meter (assioma). I have this primarily for outdoor riding but I did also put it in my indoor trainer (wattbike atom) to see any differences.

I have noticed that the pedals read 10% higher than the wattbike.

If I did a decent block of outside riding before coming back onto a TR plan, will the auto FTP detection be thrown off by the higher power readings from the outside rides?

Or should I just go with it when I get back to the trainer where I do most of the quality training?

Any advice welcome

There are two components involved in calibration: slope and zero-calibration. In most cases the zero is of by a bit. It is not clear from your post if this is the case. If the slope is wrong you will see an increased deviation as the power increase. If it is a constant offset it is due to the zero-calibration.

Here is a link on how to perform a zero-calibration on the Atom.

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