Training for anaerobic athlete ... science?

Thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate it. I will take a look to see other yours and others’ perspectives on the topic. As a sprinter, you may have surmised I am inherently biased against FTP-anchored training programs, unless the resultant adaptations are what I am seeking.

Quite surprising that the discussion of VLAmax has been asked to go elsewhere, in a thread about sprint training. Unbelievable. I am guessing they are no sprinters :grinning: Have a great day.

I’ve studied the Weber stuff and I’d be happy if people wanted to post practical uses of VLAmax to guide training. Old is bringing up a 3rd party debate between Weber and Moore which doesn’t have any bearing on the topic.

BTW, WKO5 thinks my VLAmax is .43. I’ve been doing a lot of Z2 the last few months. I’m not sure if you have to do specific tests to get an accurate figure.

It was actually R.Burton who brought up VLamax. I merely pointed out that the idea is controversial.

Either way, I’d say it bears directly on the topic at hand.

Thanks for reminding about those slides (I could never find a copy of the lecture). A lot of stuff in there rings true for me.

Everything you find on this is kind of anecdotal coach stuff, not researcher stuff. Maybe it’s too hard to study or too much of a shade of grey.

I’ve been wondering if anything can be done with a lactate meter to guide intervals and intensities.

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I just listened to That Triathalon Show #248.

Long Endurance rides and low cadence tempo/sweet spot.

Where did you find the clam ax in WKO5? I looked briefly this morning and didn’t find it.

Those HIIT Science blog posts are great. Thanks!

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Under Performance Markers - click Add Existing Chart. I typed vlamax in the search box and found the Performance Markers chart with VLamax.

I also see that my 365 day Vlamax is .58. So maybe I have driven it down lately with my ISM Z2 base training.

Earlier today tried that search from athlete view earlier and nothing. Quit WKO5 and restarted search, nothing. Also tried from workout view. But now it comes up… weird.

.58 vs. .43 doesn’t sound like much of a difference to me. What happens if you plot it day by day - how much variability is there?

Are you running the latest version of WKO? As this chart is only available on the latest build.

Is anyone still investigating VLAmax in WKO5?

I did a Kolie Moore baseline FTP test yesterday and my VLAmax in WKO went down to .32.

I’m not surprised it’s low. Since covid19 (about 10 months ago) I’ve mostly done endurance riding. After covid, all my intervals went out the window, there were no group rides, and I did a ton of lower rpm gravel riding. Then we moved and I’ve been trainer bound since and I’ve done a ton of ISM Z2, one hour at a time.

My FTP hasn’t budged in this time but I feel pretty fit because I’ve been very consistent week to week. My WKO power duration curve is still like a sprinter.

I feel like I’m based out now. I’m ready to start some sort of build block now.

Did you read the “about Vlamax” article on WKO site? It’s long but an interesting read.

I did when it first came out but I probably need to read it again now to digest it.

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So what does that look like? 4-5 min at around 105% ftp after a short sprint? Not sure I completely understand thé sentence

Those are the notes from the podcast. Give it a listen.

I read that as:

4-5 minutes above threshold to build up lactate and then a series of shorter threshold intervals (shorter than the GC type would do).

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Yeah the idea is to get your legs trained to sprint following a lead out. I’m not saying you need a lead out train like a pro team, but that in any race ending in a sprint there will be a few minute ramp up until you actually attempt to spike peak power.
Training with fresh legs won’t simulate this. For example, my PR 5sec power is ~1450w, but my PR after 2500-3000kj in the legs is like ~1250w.

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I think those show notes are a little bit wonky. I’d relisten. I listened to it for a bit today on my ride. I thought he was saying not much threshold at all for sprinters - they do more polarized in general. For the TT specialists, he was suggesting the pre-threshold set to build up lactate, a short rest, and then over unders at like 105% and 80%.

Will do :+1:
easy zone 2 ride tomorrow perfect for it