Tracking upgrade points

I searched around and didn’t find an answer to this, so here we go:

How do people track their (USA) upgrade points? From what I can find, it looks like USAC doesn’t provide much tooling here, they just give you the tables describing the scenarios that get you points. So do people just keep a manual running tally in a notebook or something? Or is there a resource out there that people use? Thanks in advance!

Our local bike racing association’s website keeps tabs on everyone.

I did it mentally until I had around 12 points, and then I used the spreadsheet my regional association has available online for download to keep track.
Note that when you submit your upgrade to USAC, you use a much simpler format.
This page from the NCNCA (my regional association) might be helpful. Your region may also have some resources…
Oh, also, is sometimes helpful.
@JHow, that is impressive your local region keeps track of everyone’s upgrade points!


We also have to pay $25 to be a member. So there’s that.
Check it out:

MTB is so much easier…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting. So can you race without being a BRAC member, if you have your USAC license? Our clubs become members of NCNCA, but individuals don’t join NCNCA. I can only imagine the complaints that would arise if individuals were to suddenly need to pay an extra amount to NCNCA on top of their USAC license… I’ve heard good things about the Colorado association, though, that it controls the calendar a lot more than our association is willing to do.

I think there is a $5 surcharge per race if you’re not a BRAC member. So if you plan to race more than 5 times a year it makes sense just to join.

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I use a spreadsheet on Google docs, and I use formatting to highlight race results that qualify me for upgrades.

Hoping to actually have a result that triggers the formulas this year :smile::joy:

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