Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo 2023

I’m doing the Medio which has about 18 miles of timed segments, a 7 mile climb, then a 6 mile climb, then 4 mile segment that is up and down with a small climb in the middle. I looking for some advice on pacing for the segments. I plan to keep it at tempo or below in between the segments. Also, anyone else on the Forum doing this?

First segment, sit in the group until the climb proper starts (about 10 min) then do threshold to the top. 2nd segment again, sit in the group until you get to the steep section and then give it all you got for the next 15+ minutes ( around threshold again). 3 rd segment, sit in and hang on, it will go full gas on one roller, go as hard as you can then find your group to work with until the end. In between segments find a group to ride with as its important to start each segment in a group.

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Thanks. This sounds very smart. Last GF, I failed to get a good group, which I think will really help. That’s a lot of TH, but, also a lot of Tempo sort of recovery in between. I appreciate your thoughts, gives me more confidence!

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@BillyWaldman , also, have you done this event before? you seem quite familiar with the course!

yes. I did it as a solo ITT when they cancelled it for covid, then did it last year as a mass start. I will be doing it this weekend too (the 90 mile route)…should be a little nicer than last year with the rain delay and fog on top of the mountains!


You mention Tempo in between segments. For me, my goal is to find the group to work with on the next segment, then ride as easy as possible in that group until the segment starts. I will expend some energy above tempo to connect with a group a little up the road as it pay dividends once the segment starts. Also remember, that most groups stop at the aid station for a significant amount of time, so you can use that to you advantage to catch them without crushing yourself chasing back on.

Great point. Trick is to find that group for sure…looking forward to it. Have a great race!

Really depends how you’re planning to place in the event. If you’re competing to win you have to ride with a very strong group and conserve your energy until the climbs - particularly on the opening flatter portions of the two hill climb segments.

If you’re trying to push yourself for power PRs it becomes more important to ride very easily between segments, even if it means abandoning a group that is riding above your capabilities

The first segment is right near the start - so you’ll have the opportunity to ride the tail end of whatever group you like. As @BillyWaldman suggested - do zero work for the first several miles of the segment - even if the group is going slower than you’d like - you want to be as rested as possible at the bottom of the climb proper.

You can’t really see the inflection point clearly in the segment - but you want to start riding your own pace at mile 4 on segment one (near that first switchback). This is a fast, big ring climb and drafting matters, but don’t go over your limit to stay in someone’s wheel. The ‘climb’ portion took me around 15 minutes so I’d say you can afford to go over threshold here, but not significantly. Pace this conservatively as the second segment is more decisive to the overall results

The second segment has a similar structure, with a flat/rolling run-in before the climb proper

If you haven’t found a good group you’ll hemorrhage time and energy on the flat section, so I’d suggest waiting at the rest stop for a group to roll out and tag on with them (it is mostly a descent from the rest stop to the start of the segment). Again, do zero effort in the opening five miles and then hit the last two miles as hard as you can. This is a steep proper climb - your pacing will likely be driven by your gearing - these two miles took me about 15 minutes, so again if you have the gears you can pace slightly over threshold

In between segments I would suggest putting out as little effort as possible. If you’re with a group great, but if they’re riding hard on the non-segment hills I think it is a poor use of energy to stay with them

Overall - great event in a great riding location. Hope you’re staying for a few days after to enjoy the riding down there

Wow. super input. Really helpful. Many thanks!

@trpnhntr that was excellent advice. Had a great day. That second timed segment, Hogpen, is a killer. In any case, got 3rd in the 70+ group. Thanks!

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Good job. And how about that weather…i planned on being wet all day, and instead i worked on my tan. Great day to be in the GA mtns