Tires for Austin Rattler 2020?

I might head out there on Sunday. Will report back.


Will be interested to hear what you think. Currently have a set of wheels with Barzo F/R and a set with Ground Control/Fast Track and am contemplating switching one to a Forecaster/Ikon combo or similar…

I’ll be out there saturday and/or sunday trying that combo and will report back. I have a 2.35 forekaster on the way and I’m gonna try with a 2.2 Ikon rear and also a 2.35 ikon rear.

I did a couple additional laps today. Not enough rain this week to improve the course much, but the more aggressive front tire was really good for me. The course is still very loose in places and I was sliding at times, but never came close to losing the front, always the rear giving me some warning.

I’m going to run Forekaster front and ikon rear, both 2.35. A better technical rider might be fine with less tire, but the additional traction and confidence is will worth the speed tradeoff for me.

The course markings are still pretty hard to follow, but I’m sure things will be well marked for the race.

Thanks - I switched my front to a 2.35 Forecaster yesterday as well (from an Ardent Race) with a 2.2 Ikon on the rear. I agree - sounds like extra traction will be good to have this year - particularly late in the race when I’m fatigued and my bike handling skills start to wane lol.