Threaded to threadless, PF30 on a vintage(ish) frame

This is for the mechanics out there. I have recently purchased a 90s vintage steel bike in pristine, excellent condition. I knew going in that i’d have to do some adaptations, namely headset and BB. I’m swapping mechanical parts from an older caad10, and I have everything minus 2 things: headset and bottom bracket. My current cranks are Rival 11spd BB30, so my questions are:

  • Is there a threaded to threadless adapter headset that will fit in the headset? The headtube is 1 inch
  • can i get a generic (say, enduro PF30) BB that’ll fit on that frame? Currently it’s an Italian-threaded bb frame

I’d kindly appreciate to-the-point answers, no need to preach or say i got an old bike. I wanted this bike badly, fully knowing I’d have to make some adjustmentts.



You don’t need a conversion kit for the headset, you just get a 1” headset. You’ll also need a threadless fork (steerer tube) and stem.

There are (or used to be) BB conversion kits available online although I have no experience with them.

Seems to been wrong…

The CAAD 10 fork might be 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" tapered which likely wouldn’t fit in a 1" headtube.

You can find some ITA to BB30 adapters but not sure if the Rival spindle is the correct one for these adapters. It may work-- but think you need a longer spindle version of BB30 to work with the adapter? These sites might say which cranks they are compatible with…


Correct, you’d need a Force crank for enough spindle length. Replace your current BB30/PF30 crank with the GXP version, with GXP BB for ITA, to make things easy.


correct only the carbon cranks had the long spindle. There is a 10mm spacer on there if its the long spindle version and you are running BB30 std

the spindle length is 68mm for bb30 and 72mm for PF30. I think i can make it happen with an adapter. do not want to get new cranks and bb

PF30 is pressfit, and you will not get a PF30 on there, as its a threaded frame. You can use a ITA30 bb, but it will be 86mm wide once assembled. SRAM carbon cranksets PF30 have a long enough spindle to fit an 86mm wide BB, but the alu cranks do not. I had the same issue with an english threaded frame a few years ago. Rival crank was no good, but Force worked. However the SRAM GXP cranks will fit pretty much anything with the right bb

Keep on looking and give it a go but my experience and research says that I dont believe there is a solution that will work with your Rival cranks

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This conversion headset would allow you to keep the original threaded fork. It’s a pretty slick system.