Thoughts on a new bike

Hi all,

I am around 2 weeks into my latest bout of TR training and really enjoying it so far. I’m not a racer but generally just want to be better on longer rides, maybe working upto regular 100 mile outings at weekends.
I am currently riding a Boardman X7 Comp which I purchased a number of years ago when I wasn’t sure if I’d stick to the whole cycling thing!
I’m looking to upgrade in the very near future and probably wouldn’t upgrade again for a number of years. I won’t be chasing lighter components or more aero frames as I’m only interested in being as comfortable as possible.

So my question is, is it really worth spending more money on a higher spec bike (Giant Defy range) with wirelessly shifters, knowing I’ll be keeping a hold of it for a long time?


in a word, no.

di2 is nice but the additional cost of having it on a new bike is reasonably substantial and for me the benefits of it are greater for people who are racing (crisp shifts, shifting under load etc.)

assuming that if you ride a boardman that your in the UK, if so, my pick of the current DEFY range would be this, but thats just me

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Thanks for the reply!
Yeah I’m in the UK, sorry I probably should have said that originally!

Your reply pretty much confirms what I thought, but I had fallen down the shiny new bike rabbit hole and got all excited!!

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Electronic shifting is great if you can justify the extra ££, you do not need to be a racer to enjoy the benefits an electronic group set will provide.

I dont think i would ever go back to mechanical shifting on my main bike. if you can afford it why not treat yourself :grinning:

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100% yes.

I have Di2. Do I need Di2? No. Was it it worth the money? For me, yes.

For most, however, unlikely. It’s really nice whilst racing (especially because with Di2 you can reprogramme the buttons so I have easiest access to the rear derailleur), long rides it’s also nice when you’re hands get tired (might be more of a smaller hands issue that some never suffer from).

So yeah, probably don’t need it. But, if you have the money to burn it is really nice and I would totally do it!

Di2 for me is totally worth it. Aside from giving you perfect crisp shifts every time, there’s the lack of maintenance aspect. Never have to change cables, never have to do adjustments on your derailleur as cable tension gives out over time (and as a result the drivetrain is quieter since the chain won’t be running nearby cogs) if you ride in inclement conditions Di2 is going to be way better too since your cable housings won’t get filled with dirt and grime. If youre really anal you can remove the RD and scrub clean it in the sink, then reinstall and not have to mess with anything. Hell I changed my Eagle AXS derailleur hanger trail side and was on my way shifting perfectly in 5 minutes

Nothing wrong with mechanical but I went Ultegra Di2 over Dura Ace mechanical for the same cost and have no regrets at all

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Any of the regular brands equipped with Shimano 105 will serve your needs.
Spending more is always a combination of need / feel good factor of a nicer bike/ how much you can afford.

I like the comfort of Di2, very little maintenance needed and a setup where you can use just 2 buttons for up/down shift taking you through the entire range including chainring shifts. Also that frees up other buttons to control the cycling computer.

You could consider disc brakes if you ride a lot in the rain.

+1 this.

105 is really all the groupset you could need. Upgrades come at diminishing returns. You could save that money and put it towards a wheel upgrade which would give you way more performance benefit for your money.

These questions are hard because the answers depend on what you value and your priorities.

I have original 7970 Di2 and for me, the only benefit is the front shifting, which is still noticeably better than 9000 D/A front shifting. I understand newer versions have add-ons like remote shift buttons and more customization. Even with those improvements, I still pass on electronic shifting because it’s just not worth the added cost. To me.

But I’m enough of a snob to personally prefer Dura Ace and I will pay for that and I don’t hate Ultegra. As others have said, from a functional standpoint 105 is perfectly acceptable.

So the question really is, what do you value?

I have UDi2 on my ‘good’ bike. The shifting is robotically perfect every time. Zero complaints.

And I suspect my next bike will have Record mechanical (disc).

Why? Because I don’t race, and it therefore doesn’t offer me anything a well-maintained mechanical groupset doesn’t. I’d rather have the 12 speed and the Campag ergonomics and aesthetics. YMMV.

But there is nothing wrong with 105 either. If I was being totally rational and economically sensible, that’s what I’d have.