The Second to Last Interval

I think that resolve you mention is such a hard thing to hold on to. The discomfort you’ve immersed yourself in protests first with a soft murmur, and by the end of the interval it is screaming at you to stop. Builds inner strength.

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During my over/under rides I watch a Paris Roubaix race video on Youtube and tell myself that no matter how much I’m hurting, the guys I’m watching are hurting more.

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I find it’s the 3rd last that’s hardest, mentally. Getting through the penultimate interval means there’s just one more left. We’ve always got enough to do the last one, so arriving at that point is highly motivating.

It’s the one before it for me. Knowing that there’s TWO more to go after…ugh, mental crusher.

just one more minute…on repeat :wink:

sometimes you just need to remember that this is the stuff that most people will quit on…the people you want to defeat.

and remember how bad it feels when you quit, and the pain is instantly gone. Nothing but regret for stopping…so keep going!!!

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I love the penultimate interval. About halfway through that interval is when I get my “haha yes I’m going to finish soon!” rush of endorphins where everything feels amazing.

It’s the middle intervals that always crush my spirit.

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