Thank you TR for putting your money where your mouth is

I saw this and was inspired to donate. Thanks TR for being good corporate stewards!

This kind of thing makes me both hopeful and sad. It is encouraging and inspiring to see companies/organizations that are willing to take action to make positive change. On the other hand, I wish we lived in a society where our elected officials and social institutions would take steps to address deep seated problems, rather than ignoring or exacerbating them.

Anyway, on this particular day, I will choose to see the positive side. Thanks TR!


Just put my money and mouth where TR puts their money and mouth. Yeah, it all sounds really germy and gross but it’s a minute inconvenience.

Still inline to snag some L39 swag.



same. Was about to order more bike stuff (as per usual), decided to donate to a local organisation instead.


I bought the mug and t-shirt off their bonfire site. The t-shirt is very soft but also a little on the ‘athletic’ fit side and may have shrunk in the wash a little. So depending on where you usually fall in sizing you may want to lean toward the larger size. For reference, I’m 6ft, 185 lb (I lift so maybe bigger shoulders and chest then a stereotypical cyclist) and I wouldn’t go any smaller than the large I got.


Yeah, sorry strava, NAACP got my $5/mo instead. I don’t use either but somehow think I’ll benefit more from the latter. :thinking:



Thank you TR!


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Also…quite telling that there are zero derisive comments on this thread concerning the matter vs quick-to-respond comments on other non-TR-in-action threads on the same matter.

'Nuff said.


Thanks TR. I’ve been using my stimulus funds for various causes and this just got the remaining balance.


Thanks for mentioning this! Didn’t know about it but definitely going to pick some up myself.


:fist: :fist:t3: :fist:t5: :fist:t6:

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Ummm. This is a thread for thanking TR. Using it to thumb your nose at others is of questionable maturity.


Saying I’m honestly confused by USA Cycling’s email is not derisive. Without getting too personal, I’m literally a child of the civil rights movement. What I’m seeing is another epic fail, on par with the Detroit riots of 1967 (which I still remember) and LA riots of 1992. Political leaders on both sides have taken to social media and are fanning the flames of division.

So many powder kegs going off, and more waiting to explode. Its times like this I think “we don’t need no more troubles”

Stay safe, think globally and act locally. And ride on my fellow inhabitants of the third rock from the sun :fist_right: :fist_left: :peace_symbol:


Thank you @Nate_Pearson and Team. Putting my money toward a quality cause was far better than posting yet another trite comment in the cacophony of social media.

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Not really. There was another thread thanking USAC for upping their accountability and responsibility, just as we are thanking TR for theirs, the derisive and ignorant comments began almost immediately. I see no such activity here. Goes to speak to the character and aims of such people.

That said, seeing as how this is such a monumentally emotion-driven subject merely goes to show that it is still very much alive and kicking, even after centuries after being “abolished”.

It’s also sadly hilarious to note that trxmp wants to enact a law which is largely in part about protecting the rights, freedoms, and actual bodies of African-Americans.

Good luck down there. :v:

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Alright, now that that’s cleared up let’s move on and back to the main point of this thread: unity.


"Things need to change. " – TrainerRoad

Now that that’s cleared up…how to achieve change via “racial justice, equality and an inclusive society” without calling out the questionable actions of others…? :thinking:


Are you black and discriminated against?
Shut up!

Good for TR!


and this post perfectly summarises why there was the need for the protests in the first place…


Why are we doing this here? Maybe start another “no thank you” thread and we can all jump over there can debate the basis of things and Doughnut can call out character issues there. We can’t even say thank you without it putting someone off or starting a political debate? Enough with the vitriol.