Temporary phone mount for pre-race warm up

I like to warm up for crits & road races on the turbo, and used to use a workout pre-programmed into my Garmin (took about 7 hours of button pressing).

Now I’m on a Wahoo Bolt, I think I need to subscribe to some third party software to do that, so I’m probably going to use one of the TrainerRoad warm-ups instead (maybe Parah, but open to suggestions).

Has anyone got any tips on securing my phone in place on the bike without having to get a specific mount? I want to be able to turn the bike into race mode ASAP after warming up so don’t want loads of faffing about. I also don’t want my phone to fall off and smash into a million expensive smithereens as I’m doing the activation efforts either.

Here’s some suggestions for pre-race warmups:

As far as mounting your phone, it would be cool if you had a case that you could put on it with a Garmin tab, or something similar that also works with your Wahoo Bolt. Check this Blog out for some inspiration:

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Don’t try to over complicate things, just buy this.

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I got the KOM Cycling stick-on mount and combined it with a ten-dollar hard plastic case. Works a treat.

Rubber band. Over the phone, under the bars, back over the phone. Never dropped a phone and you probably have one already.


I use a gooseneck clamp called Tryone (Amazon) for doing TR workouts on a Stages spin bike. It holds really well. They have them for phones and tablets/ipads

Amazon has a lot of silicone phone mounts that simply latch to the bike, kind of a like a belt. Super quick to take off (no screws). Should accommodate pretty much any bar style.

Another option is a floor-standing mount for the phone (or tablet) – nothing to attach or take off! This is what I use for my trainer setup at home. Many of these can also be found on amazon.

RUBBER BAND! Of course!

I’ll give that a go and if it fails will look into the clamps mentioned.

Thanks all

I use these on my trainer rides and know many who use them outdoors: https://getfinn.com/en/

A couple years ago TR had a blog post how to on expoxying a Garmin mount to the back of an iPhone case. The phone would then just lock into your existing computer mount. If you can find a Wahoo mount, that is a fairly easy and cheap solution

Get a spare case and stick one of these on. https://www.76projects.com/shop/51vz26zcy37ii3p2ual886rt1krtj7
The company are UK based but will ship worldwide. They also do bar mounts, I’ve got the TT mount and love it. Proving very popular in the UK

I purchased this one for the same reasons. No mounts to screw in. I can have this on and off my bike in seconds. I only use it while on my trainer.

Works great and only $8.99

The elastic band from a spare tube works perfectly. I feel almost ashamed not to have thought of it.

Search for “360 degree air vent bicycle phone mount” on eBay. Extremely simple rubbery “claw” which fits over the stem and holds your phone. Dirt cheap, seconds to install and remove, can be used with whatever phone you grab at the time.

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As in, $2 / £1.50.

5-6€ on amazon