Target Power Bar - Third Color

My original thought was that I needed the target power bar to distinguish by color whether I was above or below target. Something like:
Below Target - Blue
On Target - Green
Over Target - Red
As sometimes in short intervals when I am falling apart it takes me a second to process. However searching for similar questions it seems the target bar is what is affected by smoothing? Perhaps if I increase this over my current minimal setting it will be easier to interpret.

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To the best of my knowledgeable, the Smoothing setting only affects the 3-digit display of current power. I know it doesn’t change the graph, and suspect it doesn’t change the slider either (never seen it mentioned).

You can do a test pretty easy. Crank it way up and see if you notice a difference.

Ok I will thanks. If thats the case I stand by the feature request then.

To your request, the current bar does change color. It is green when in range. You will see it slip slightly towards red tones when you slip a bit over/under the target. It gets more bright red as you get further away.

However, it is always a red shift whether you are above or below, so you have to he watching the number or position of the bar relative the the vertical while “target power” line (the thin one).

I would second @Airdozer on the request. There are times when I have trouble with the numbers when I’m really deep and can only process the colors. Being able to know if I was under or over at a glance, would be helpful.

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