Sync weight from Google Fit to FitBit (not the other way around, like FitToFit does)

Hey guys,

I might have a bit of an unorthodox setup:
I track my steps (and thus daily calory usage) with my FitBit watch.
I track my weight with my Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale.

The scale automatically syncs the weight to Google Fit.
From there, I’d like to sync everything (including weight) to my other services, e.g. Trainerroad and Zwift.

So, a good way would be to take the weight from the Xiaomi Mi Fit app, which auto syncs to Google Fit and have it sync to FitBit from there.

Can this be done?

A related discussion.

I’m not quite sure, but I don’t think so - the discussion only revolves around syncinc FROM FitBit to other services. But I’d like to sync from Google Fit TO FitBit.