Switch from Wheel-On trainer to Direct-Drive to reduce noise

I was looking into the one from Wahoo, but those things are in such a price range that I put that idea into “maybe when I win the lottery” box :frowning: .

I could maybe afford it, but it would not be “fiscally responsible” :smiley:.

Makes sense and I have been saving for a bit. The wheel ons are a good alternative and financially a better option.

If you ride the trainer a lot, wheel off is so worth it. I used to hate riding my old Tacx but then I got a used wheel off kickr and now really enjoy riding the trainer.

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This is my experience too.

Went from Tacx Vortex to the Core.

Buddy of mine went from the flux to the core, it was like night and day.

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Alrigth, I’d like to thank everyone for input so far.
I did gave it some thought and I will try to resell the Rampa and see if someone will be willing to purchase it. As I wanted to switch to direct-drive trainer at some point it might be actually a good occassion to do it.

If it’ll be the Kickr Core or the Elite Suito I am still undecided, it also depends on how the reselling of Rampa goes. I fancy the Kickr somehow, but the price different between the Suito is quite dramatic, so I’ll need to to more research here.

I’ll post how it ended up in the end to fully close this topic off.

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