Supposed to rain for my FIRST road race ever. Advice?

Embrace it.

I love Love love racing in bad weather because I know most of my enemies don’t love it and it takes them off their game. Use bad conditions not as a reason to fret, but rather to your advantage.

Also have warm clothes ready for after the race. Change as quickly as possible before you cool down. When I go to race on rain days I bring waterproof winter clothes for after. Tops and bottoms and boots and gloves and hats. You can never have too much warm clothing after a cold wet race. Finish, change ASAP, then pack the bike and kit and go eat.

If it’s a warm wet race I still bring rain jacket, rain pants, boots and hat. But it’s less dire.

Have fun and good luck!

I had the same happen to me last year, I also had rain at my first and second race.

Fundamentally, you already know what to do, anf I recommend you use a combination of faith in yourself with sensible equipment choices. Perhaps you can even use it to your advantage.

I run 28s and have disc brakes. So I lowered the pressure to give me more grip and just believed in myself. The guy next to me at the start line had 22 mm tired that I am sure were pumped up to some ungodly pressure I am sure, rim brakes and expensive carbon wheels. He wasn’t the only one to hold back on the descents. A lot of riders commented after the race that their reduced braking action (plus the fear of destroying ¥¥¥¥¥¥ worth of gear in a crash) made them dread the descents.

I didn’t feel that worry at all. Of course I was slower in some parts than on a dry road. But I never felt scared or was even close to the limit.

PS Veloce rain covers help and glasses are a must.

PPS It really helped me to set a few simple goals. Mine were: (1) Don’t crash. (2) Finish the race. (3) Do an all out sprint at the end.

Update: rain held off so I’ll have to apply all the good advice to my next rainy race. Finished in the top 10. Not bad for my first mass start race!


Obviously more amazing than me :stuck_out_tongue:

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go out harder than normal. everyone is going to be nervous, and yes, it will be a clustermess.

If you attack early, there’s a much higher chance the break gets away.

chase groups won’t be as effective normal when it’s nice and pretty out.

so, how did the race go?