Supersapiens - continuous blood glucose monitoring

100% to all these points…re: wearing it but not actively using the data during the race could have come from the fact that trackies cannot actively use a power meter during a race, but can collect the data and analyze it after. As noted, a “good faith” mistake, but still one that violates the rules.

I honestly don’t believe there was nefarious intent behind this and it was simply a mistake by both rider and team…but the rules are clear and the consequences are similarly clear.

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James Spragg: “Just a short reminder that current evidence suggests that wearing a CGM as a non-diabetic athlete (male or female) will not help improve your fuelling decisions nor improve your health!” … 9443694592

Various studies linked in the thread.

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I am in the UK and it seems like the ConnectIQ app has been taken down, so I can’t connect my SS to my Garmin any more. Can anyone shed any light on that or a workaround by any chance? Thanks!