Superboost transmission crankset (55mm chainline) on Boost bike?

I am looking to run the transmission xo1 power crankset on my 2021 epic evo. I plan to keep the standard Eagle xo1 cassette and derailleur and chain until I decide to fully upgrade to transmission in the future. The transmission crankset only comes in (dub wide) which is effectively superboost with the 55mm chainline. The bike has standard boost spacing. I can get the cranks to fit fine using bottom bracket spacers, but I’m concerned about the chainline. Any tips on how to make this work out?

Don’t have an answer for you, but I would just like to complain about the constantly changing and confusing standards in mountain bikes. I’m done.

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There are a handful of reports of folks running the new cranks with the “old” rear setup with no issue. Even SRAM supports that combo Just using an x-sync 2 chainring.

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I put an m7120 on my Evo to accommodate my 4Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii PM. Works great.
Can you run a -3mm ring on it?

What offset is your chainring?

Wow these standards suck and are way too confusing. I’ve learned a couple things: 1) 55mm chainline is becoming the standard on boost bikes for greater tire clearance. 2) some manufacturers have an offset hub to realign the chainline others do not. 3) bikes like the yeti arc and the new trek top fuel (which I owned earlier this year coincidentally) have a 55mm chainline with boost spacing.

My conclusion is I’ll be fine. Dang complicated, ever-changing MTB standards…

M7120 is 55mm

I didn’t measure actual with aftermarket chainring and BSA BB chain guide

I think the 12sp chains, small chainrings, and longer chain stays give them more flexibility.