Super stiff vs stiff shoes

I know the idea behind energy losses due to flex but there’s a study floating around that compared the Specialized torch 1, 2, and the top end specialized shoes and found zero difference in power transfer in max efforts or steady state. Is there a reason to buy the less comfy, more expensive and stiffer top end shoes? Currently riding old shimano shoes with an 11/12 stiffness rating but no boas and need replacing. I don’t race anymore but can hit around 1400 Watts in the sprint still. The shimano RC3’s look great and cheap but not super stiff. Thoughts? Am I missing something?

There’s also weight and fit to consider. Do yourself a favour and go for mid range shoes. Pricer shoes tend to be lighter and provide better power transfer not only pushing the pedals down but also pulling them up.

I know that I ride harder in my top-of-the-line super stiff road shoes especially when I pair them with crazy coloured tall socks. Bling factor is real! :relaxed:




Stiffness helps prevent hotspots from the cleat and keeps the center section from folding. Powertransfer is bull. The stiffer sole shoe probably has better venting too

Get shoes with 2+ adjustments. Order shoes by foot measurement in MM +5-10mm. Order a few shoes and wear them for an hour at your desk/watching TV.
At that price point, look at:
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The Torch 2.0