Suggestions for a Different A Race This summer

Hey Everyone,

I am looking for a new A race this summer. Originally I had a plan to do Single Track Six in July, and had plan builder build a plan for me. Unfortunately I had a pretty serious bout of knee tendinitis from BCBR last year that took longer to resolve then expected. I had to really skimp on the base phase of the plan and am only now biking 1.5 - 2 hours with hard efforts. I would estimate that a Single track 6 stage is more like 3-4 hours for me to complete and I don’t want to push beyond the progress I hade with the knee tendinitis. However I did follow the LV plan and have been pretty consistent for a few months now and have made good improvements and can feel myself “peaking” . I am looking for suggestions on some fun north american mtb events where I can spend my build up and have a good adventure. I am probably could do a 3-4 hour ride once, or something that is a series of 2-3 hours a few times. Probably looking for days around 2-3K of climbing.