SRAM Force AXS Cassette Noise Issue

My AXS Red does not display the aforementioned qualities.

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Some success here with reducing noise. Sent the cassette (300miles in on it) back to Sram via LBS who fitted 3 stealth rings on bottom 3 cogs. No difference. Decided to move the rings up to either side of my noisy gear (8th down) and BOOM! Noise has halved! :smiley:

My SRAM Force AXS on SL6 Tarmac has the exact same issue. Only on a few of the smaller cogs it gets really loud. I’ve checked for rub on the FD and for RD alignment - everything looks good. Pretty annoying. I will call my LBS and see if they have any ideas.

Yep. Same.

I’ve just (today) swapped over to Red cassette and chain and re-tuned the whole setup per the ETAP installation guide. I’ll see if that makes an improvement like others have experienced.

Replying to myself :slight_smile:

Did 85 miles today with new Red cassette and chain on my TCR and can confirm night-and-day difference in noise level between Force and Red cassette/chain combo. It’s costly but worth it, until SRAM makes Force quieter.

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So would you not purchase the digital sram axs force on your next bike?

Good to know this works. I threw stealth rings on for a temporary fix. I will earmark a cool $350 next year for a red cassette

How do you install the stealth rings? I can’t find any install guide online

hey boss just seeing this - i had my local shop do it. Under warranty, they shouldnt charge you.

Didn’t fix the problem tho. Had the shop warranty through SRAM and they gave me RED

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Hey all. Having the same issues here.

So what I am gather is the stealth rings don’t work…

Best answer is to upgrade to Red cassette and Red chain? A little frustrating since I just bought the cassette.

Other than being the most frustrating sound in the world… has any one noticed any damage or ware caused by the sounds and vibrations?

Hi I just got these. You said you put them between all the smaller cogs?

The cogs that are super loud for me are the 3 smallest.

I was the original post for this thread, here is my personal update after about a year.

From what sram told me (paraphrasing): seems like the stem of the issue is in the black coating of the cassette. With wear, the noise should reduce.

From what my experience has been, this seems to be true to an extent. Lager cogs that made a “little” noise are not noticeable anymore. The smallest 3 are still just as painfully load and awful feeling. I attribute to not riding those cogs much to wear off the paint/coating. Luckily for me TR workouts hardly ever require it. If your like me and only use the middle cogs, the issue went away for me. For reference I probably have 75-100 hours of use for the cassette that stays in the trainer.

As far as damage goes, I personally have had no issue. For reference, I’m a sprinter, and 1300 watts was just fine. The only time I can ever brag about watts on TR :), all you FTP boasters out there. If you’re lucky enough to ride on a glass smooth road, you’ll notice the same grinding feel, you just can’t hear it because of wind and road noise.

If you ask me, this is just an excuse to upgrade to that red cassette. I’m waiting for the 15,000 mile mark to do so. I’m guessing that SRAM is going to ditch the coating in the next version anyways. Hopefully then, they will offer a replacement.

Hope this helps!

I’ve been assured 15 different ways from Sunday that the noise is ONLY a noise and has zero impact on functionality. The only issue is that your mates will never let you live it down on the group ride and roast you for buying such an expensive group that makes so much noise. That was my experience at least…

If you bought new from LBS - I suggest you file for warranty. To pay top dollar for a top of the line group to have something make so much noise makes no sense. SRAM knowingly put out a product with issues. I’ve made comments on their IG calling them out on their “orbit technology for a quiet drivetrain” or whatever and they told me to open a warrantly claim with my LBS to sort it out. If you are curious re: the steps my shop took to get me a warrantied AXS RED cassette, let me know.

Don’t buy the RED cassette if you can’t get it under warranty. The solution to an OEM problem should never be spend more money. Especially not when there has been a sport-wide commitment to inclusion in the community.

Good luck!

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Bike shop said they aren’t taking warranty for the sounds anymore… might just try another shop. I hardly notice it on the road but man on the trainer it is awful.

I’ll see if the stealth kit does anything…

Thanks all

Hi all. Purchased a Tamrac SL7 force axs 1x and have been enjoying it out on the road. Finally put it on the trainer for the first time last night. I have a seam rival 10-36 cassette on my direct drive trainer, on the bike is a force 10-36. Wow in the lower gears it grinds and sounds so horrible. It feels like the chain is totally off but I can’t see anything. Is this the issue everyone else is talking about?

Not sure what to do here? Ride in ERG mode in a gear that doesn’t make noise?

Can someone give me the dimensions for those rings? I might be able to find them in a local hardware store, but I need dimensions.
Diameter and thickness if possible.