Squirt Wax Boogers Are Killing Me...What's Next?

3 chains per cassette, 5 to 6 cassettes to chain ring? Hmm, that’s about average for me then, I’m surprised. Now that I’ve been riding smart bikes for 4-some years, it’s making tracking of usage a little harder, but need to do it better.

Question: Is the Park Tool Chain Checker really a solid method of checking chain life/death?


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I think that’s a massive assumption. I definitely do not.

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I’m pretty anal so I wipe my chain after every ride outside. On the trainer I do not think it’s needed. I do ride outside at least 1 time per week so it gets a wipe. Sunday it gets a drip waxing. Once a month a freshly waxed chain replaces the dirty one. When 1 have 3 dirty ones they go into a hot water bath then a hot wax. I clean the chain rings and cassette once a month.
Average …I don’t know for here.

Which one?

CC-2, no. CC-3 or CC-4 yes.

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The “ash” is the additive - if I’m remembering correctly it’s Tungsten DiSulfide - that Silca adds to the wax to reduce friction

I used Squirt for almost two years. Good stuff. I think the wax boogers is from using too much lube or incorrect application. I never had a booger problem. The only thing I didn’t like about Squirt is that it would last about 70 miles for me before needing a re-application.

I switched to silica hot wax because I read a report about how wax lasts much longer and protects much better.

Hot wax is awesome in so many ways. For example, if your cassette has gotten a little dirty, put it hot water and it comes out shiny clean.


Yes, probably more like 2 weeks actually.

Yeah, it’s slivers and residue of the wax treatment. I was just surprised at the amount. It’s normal I suppose. Should have a new cassette tomorrow, and will break it all in RSN…

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CC-2. It measures the degree of perpendicular flex in the chain. It’s only measuring one component of chain wear though. But is it one that is more important than chain stretch?

I’ve always wondered, if a chain fails that tool, will it break, ie the pin(s) pop out of the links at some point?

EDIT: Looks like I need to get a CC-4.

Thanks Drew. Switching to Silca hot wax with SSS as a filler when I’m too lazy to hot wax.

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Any experience with this one? The tests look good so curious if real world says same.


I’m back and forth with it - on one hand, in real world and some semi-scientific testing I’ve done it performs brilliantly in almost any conditions. On the other hand, it’s dirtier/oilier than the other top performing drip waxes. I recommend TTT to anyone who isn’t bang on the maintenance and wants a reliable wax with periodic cleanup, and UFO All Conditions to anyone either topping up immersive waxing or that’s fairly good on applying mega regularly, wiping the chain if it gets wet etc.

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Tnx Alex. I’ll give it a shot when the current bottles runs out.

My road chains using Gold would be stretched in six months. Since going to wax, they last two years with no stretch. The cost savings in reduced drivetrain wear is worth it alone for wax.

Also a big proponent of having at least 2 chains for bikes you ride a lot. Hot wax both, mount one, ride it 1-200 miles, drip wax once or twice, then swap to the other chain and repeat. Your cassette/chainrings will last longer and you only have to hot wax once a month or so.

I gave up with Squirt for this exact reason. Was leaving the jockey wheels etc in a right state. Also, having to reapply after each ride was annoying.

Moved to hot wax and it’s great after you get over the initial effort