Specialized Tarmac SL8 (2023)

Its the Phenom Mirror

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They are not re-releasing the venge.

SL8 will have deeper head tube than old venge, SL7 midsection, seat tube/post/BB, and Aethos rear stays. it will be faster than the old venge too.

Source? Trust me bro

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That’s as good of a source as we have now.


so sell the sl7, like right NOW?

Oh so… something like this?

Jokes aside, it sounds like it’s going to look a lot like a Scott then… thicker tubes upfront, and then slimming towards the back.

I hope Specialized don’t lose their balance that they usually have on their bikes. It’s what makes them way way more aesthetically pleasing than other brands.


It wont look anything like the scott… think more new propel, without the ISP and horizontal top tube.

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Add comfort. If they can redesign the way the cables go through/around the steerer tube on the fork and so won’t need the longer metal sleeve inside the steerer tube they could make it a biit more flexible to help with absorbing vibrations in the front. If the make the seat post thinner they could have it go through some kind of rubber gasket instead of directly into the frame which would allow more vibration absorption there.

You’re basically describing an Ostro except for the seat tube cutout for the rear wheel.

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How did you get one? Factor told me that it’s not available on the Ostro and not available separately yet either.

I ordered an ostro gravel, maybe a different bar

Doesn’t come stock

Not yet.

I should do a build thread. This factor aligns with my sl7 perfectly, almost all measurements are the same.

Cant be an n+1 bike since it’s limited to 46 front

Lotte Kopecky‘s Cockpit.
It might be a little distorted, as this is the lower part of a wide angle picture.

Need to sell sl7s

Just another pic:

Doesn’t seems like it’d be comfortable to hold onto the tops. Though I guess theoretically you’re only putting your hands there during climbs and can just kind of rest them on top rather than actually grip the bar

I used to ride the tops on a round bar. With SL7 flat bar that’s pretty much a thing of the past. I rest my palms on the curve instead. The flat bar makes a good thumb drumming platform.

Hope they keep making spares for my SL7

Isn’t this that same bike (3rd pic)? The paint on the newer bikes brightens toward the seat tube.

Looks like the top tube is curved on the underside


All they need to do to make the SL7 the fastest bike in the peloton is offer it with 35-36cm bars. I mean, you can already use any cockpit or just the regular two piece, but if the default top end bike had a narrow integrated cockpit in large sizes it would be no contest in the stupid magazine tests lol.