Specialized Tarmac SL6 Pro rim brakes 2018 54cm headset bearings

I have a technical question. I sent plenty of emails to my local dealers but with no success. Have you know guys dimensions of headset bearings for the Tarmac Sl6. There are no dimensions on the body of the bearings and from the instruction/specification I know only that there are “size specific bearings”. Any help really needed :love_you_gesture:

My dealer was able to use the serial number off my SL4 to order new bearings. I’ve had good luck on eBay searching for my bike model and headset bearings, you’ll get cheap bearings but they last longer than Specialized supplied bearings for me

Unfortunatelly, dealers in Poland are not able to do that using serial no. of my frame so I try to find the dimensions to buy alternative bearings. It’s pretty funny, sl6 is very common here in Poland and I can’t buy replacement bearings. Really, I try to do that since winter :joy:

Dnia 30 kwietnia 2021 20:42 Bhofstra via TrainerRoad Forum

This one?

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This is upper bearing. And this one is the easy one :rofl: The bottom bearing is size specific. But thanks of you I have a upper bearing code so I’ closer to solve my problem

Is this of any use?


Most lower bearings will be a 52mm outer diameter with a 45 degree seat, and 7 or 8mm thick. It’s the inner diameter that might be specific, depending on the dimensions of your steerer.

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Measure the bearing cartridge with digital calipers :man_shrugging:

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Yes! Great point, brilliant idea. I’m so dummy sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: I ordered digital calipers and after the weekend I will measure the bearing cartridge.

Good stuff - it’s always good to have some calipers, you’ll soon find other uses for them round the house too!