Specialized Power Mirror saddle

afaik that is a disclaimer that is in the product documentation for all spesh carbon saddles, predating the intro of the 3d printed ones.

I assume other reputable saddle manufacturers have similar language deep in their product docs.

saddles do wear over time and do not have an infinite use life. I think they just need to put something in writing to capture that, even though it will not be an issue for most.

also a slight aside, but when there were some reports of the 3d saddles 'melting", was it ever determined what caused it? I heard some chemicals or maybe body chemistry may be a factor, I also figured perhaps people were touching the saddles after using DEET? (deet melts many plastics).

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You got the point, found this blog article:

(…) So I reached out to Specialized Rider Care (aka support) (…). It looks like they are in fact aware of the problem, and providing the guidance around skipping chamois cream :exploding_head:.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out to Rider Care. (…) Some combinations of specific chamois creams and sunscreens, as well as hot and humid riding conditions, moisture from the body, and certain indoor riding conditions can affect the cover material on saddles in general.

Our current recommendation is that riders use the saddle without chamois cream if possible to prolong the life of the saddle and clean with a 5% water/dish soap solution after use for best results if any chamois cream is used. This does not guarantee your saddle will be free from wear. Normal wear and tear is expected over the service life of a saddle since all saddles undergo considerable stress and friction while riding. If you encounter anything of interest with your specific saddle let us know and we’ll see how best to assist.

I understand that these days companies across all industries treats us as beta-testers, nevertheless I feel a bit disappointed. Having said that - my recently purchased Power Mirror is waiting in the box for winter to end here in Europe :grinning:

I’ve been using Chamois Buttr for every ride the last few years, and probably 10K miles on my Power Mirror saddle. The only thing I notice is a little “shine” on the saddle, but the integrity is fine.


Do you wear a bib as well? :wink:


I knew I was doing something wrong! :grimacing:


I clean mine with the Muc-Off matte finish detailer. Gets all the stuff off the seat ( including butter).
1 1/2 years and still looks new.

I got my Power Mirror 2 years ago following some perineal surgery (I’ll spare you the details)…gotta say I’m not impressed with the lengevity.

The front of the saddle is now compressed and the 3D printed material is flat as a board. It is actually causing perineal discomfort on rides over 2 hours…I’m probably gonna put my regular Power saddle on it its place.

And honestly, I never found any more or less comfortable than the regular Power saddle…definitely wasn’t worth the $$ in my case.

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Has anyone tried the Power Expert Mirror saddle yet (the new-ish version with 3d inserts)? Does it compare well with the Power Pro Mirror?

I’ve got nine Specialized saddles on bike, with most being the Power Mirrors. I tried a Power Pro with Mirror, in the narrow 130mm option to see how narrow I could get away with. “Cushion” wise its more similar to a standard Power than a Power Mirror. Thats not a bad thing, but its not a replacement for the more expensive Power Mirrors.