So I have qualified for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

I did the Tour of Cambridgeshire last weekend, and having finished in the top 25% of my age category, I have qualified for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships! Seems odd and almost unbelievable as I am most definitely not world class! However, with the event in Scotland I will 100% be there.

Is there anyone else who has qualified and going?

I get the impression there is no official kit (GB for me) but you make your own choices, although in national colours. Can anyone confirm this?

The course detail has been released over the past day or so too. Looks good!


Kalas make the ‘official’ Team GB kit, and NoPinz also make a GB kit. You can find new GB Kalas kit on eBay for very little.

I rode the worlds last year and I’d say for GB riders it was 50/50 between those two brands, Kalas is better quality IMO.

Good luck and enjoy.

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Mega thank you. How was the event last year @wattage_narco ?

I had been enquiring about the Nopinz kit already, having their race suit for normal races.

I have also since found this comment;

It is mandatory for a rider to wear their national kit at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Time Trial, Team Relay and Road Race. Although the official national jersey is not required, a jersey representing their country with a similar design and colors as the original national team jersey is required. Private or club sponsors are allowed to be featured on the national jersey.

Thanks again!

The event was mega. Quite a hassle being in Italy with insurances/travel etc. but it was a great event.

I found the ToC a bit of a disappointment, I had hoped for a big blowout for the last edition but it came up pretty short IMO. I’m sure Glasgow will be great with all the other disciplines going on at the same time.

I also wear Nopinz (club kit) and I can safely say while it’s OK, you wont be disappointed with Kalas; not to mention you can find it new at less than half the price on eBay.

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