Singlespeed Bike Thread

Brooks B-17 narrow that’s been cut down, nice and springy.

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My old clunker, running in fixie mode. Gitane frame (late 70’s), old MTB crankset, 3/8" chain, brakes.

This is actually my first road bike - purchased new in the 70´s - except there isn’t a single part left from the original. Including the frame (original one had an intimate encounter with a car door). That forged aluminum Campy seatpost is the result of my first lust for a bike part. It’s still a work of art today.


Damn near convinced I need a SS bike, convince me otherwise.

So here’s my situation. I found a couple cracks around the rear triangle on my geared CX bike and it’s a $250 fix. My other bike is a geared gravel bike. I could either repair this bike or strip it and sell parts to fund a new project. I have a buddy who sings praise about riding and racing cyclocross on his single speed.

I figure that I can sell the frame, Force 1x groupset, Force 1x crankset, and disc brakes for a total of $350-400 in profit and put that toward building a single speed frame. I would keep the cockpit, saddle, post, and wheelset and use it on the single speed.

After racing CX on a gear bike for 3 years I’m really intrigued by the simplicity and challenge of racing SSCX, as well as having a low-maintenance daily commuter. I have a second geared bike that can do it all, so there’s really not a reason to not go single speed. Not having to maintain two geared bikes would be a stress reliever.

I’m currently looking at building up an All City Nature Boy 853 or one of the newer Trek Crockett’s with the sliding single speed dropouts. Any other CX frames I should look into that easily convert or are intended to be built as single speed?


I’ve got two fixed gears. The go fast one and the townie. I m thinking of changing the townie into a gravel-path capable commuter with 48-18 gears and 32C tires.

Wazzat top tube thingy? A floatation aid?

Oh- you mean the hipster pad? I basically use it to hide my zip tied cables. On my old single speed steel frame I used clips for this purpose, but this aluminum frame is slightly oversized and I cant find proper clips.

Also, the pad has a nifty storage pocket where I stash a wrench to adjust the rear wheel nuts.


Obviously you guys never owned a BMX bike in the '70’s! PFFFT!

It’s for when you wipe out – that’s WHEN, not IF – you could still have kids if – that’s IF, not WHEN – you ever grow up. :laughing:

Ah…sweet, sweet Redline…my very first schoolboy crush.


I think the fixie goons like them to clamp their knees on when the are putting down big skids

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No siree - in the 70s I owned a proper Italian steel road bike with Campy, alloy wheels that ate spokes like popcorn and a screwed-on freewheel that did not agree with the aluminum alloy hub it was mated to. And cycling shoes with nailed-on cleats held down with straps that I remembered to slack off most of the times when I stopped. Proper stuff.

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New build using some old parts off my old Surly 1x1. Loving the Karate Monkey so far and hoping to do some races with it later in the year.

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SSCX bike:

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I had one of these. It is the only bike I’ve ever regretted selling. That bike was so much fun, and ask great for racing short track XC.

I’d always wanted a single speed bike. There’s something about it that I found intriguing. Picked up a barely used 1983 Raleigh frameset made from 531c tubing and put it together with various new and shelf dusty parts. Love it.




My pub / play / skills bike. (And my son’s)

What an outstanding build. Well done!

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And completely left-field, here’s my fat bike (Singular Puffin) in SS mode:


Double dipping as I put this up in the Aluminati thread before riding it. A season later, happy to report it’s an absolute blast. Swapped out the grips for some lime green ESI chunky’s. Otherwise just rode the heck out of it.

Chameleon Side Close 1


Beautiful! I think I can spot a chain tensioner; which model?

My first proper bike was a Peugeot ten-speed (which was a big purchase for my folks in those days). I loved that bike, and even as it languished in the back of the garage over the years, I could never quite part with it. I took it to a bike shop at some point in the mid '00s for a big tune-up and found it . . . frighteningly unrideable. (Did I really used to bomb through LA traffic on this thing? As kid?! With no helmet?!?! Was I mad?!?!?!) Back into the garage.

Now I mostly live in the country. Wanting to get more comfortable working on my bikes, I thought it would be a neat project to strip the Peugeot down and turn it into a fixie. I was mostly after the learning experience; figured when it was finished I would just kinda, I dunno . . . look at it. But with new wide wheels and no more downtube shifters, it is a joy to ride! So I upgraded to GP tires and wound up doing a good chunk of my outdoor riding on it this summer.