Show us your Car, Motorcycle, etc. [Motor Vehicle Appreciation]

Yep, totally love performance with practicality.
Owned this for 9 years now. It’ll take 3 bikes on the back, 2 kayaks on the roof, I can get an 8 foot Christmas tree in it with the hatch closed (just!). Great fuel consumption if you take it easy, and AWD and some extra vitamins for the grin factor :+1:


Very nice! I’m pretty sure my next car will be a R. Like you’ve said, it’s got all the right things packed in a nice size.


I was lucky enough to get a 2023 R as a courtesy car when my RAV4 went in for work in September last year. Mind blowing performance. Porsche botherer!


Following on from this comment above, thought I’d share my list…
2005 SEAT Leon SX
2008 Ford Focus 1.9 TDi
2011 Ford Focus 1.9 TDi
2015 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi
2020 RAV4 2.5 Hybrid

And last November I was forced to go electric!

Have to add, I was a little trepid of going full electric due to all the talk of range, charging network etc but I really quite love it. Have had zero issues so far :slight_smile:

Edit: No, that is not my house. I should be so lucky :smile:


My Alpine A110S - coming up for 1 year old and loving it as much as I did on day #01.
Sea Sucker bike rack is a game changer! :grin:


Yamaha FZ6R with a 2x2 Cycles rack that I mounted in place of the pillion seat.


2021 Gladiator


A manufacturer rep I dealt with had a Cooper S, and said it was so much fun to drive, like a go-cart! He even drove it through the winters. Then I heard his wife was pregnant and he ‘had’ to sell it. (I drove a Mazda CX-7 around the big island and caught air on Saddle Road bisecting the island a few times. Then found out tourists die on that road quite often, but I never felt our of control. shrug It’s on the rental ‘thou shall not traverse’ list (no one told me)) But anyway, seemed like a good car for ‘active people’…

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