Show me your "Aluminati" builds!

That’s really nice; cleanest I’ve seen in a while.

Now just don’t put mismatching, tall insulated bottles, an old saddle bag, and Amazon bike lights on it. Even if just for the sake of the rider behind you who has to stare at all that crap. That’s all I could see yesterday when most people had otherwise nice bikes.


my caad 10 in touring mode


More pics of your Cagiva too please.


alas 1987 is long ago as is that bike. i thought i was Davy Strijbos lol


Lovely bike!! That 1x setup tho :eyes: hahaha gotta love a big ring!

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NICE build, and has inspired me to build up my Cinelli. Noob questions:

  1. Since Ultegra is 2x system, what is connected to the left shifter functions.
  2. Any concerns with potentially dropping a chain?
  3. What size of chainring and OEM?


Thanks :slight_smile:

-So the whole thing sort of started as the front shifter lever stopped working, so I upgraded my main bike to Axs and put this group in the basement. There is nothing connected to the front shifting port, just skip the cable and only do the brakes

-I have no concern about the chain dropping. Narrow wide ring with a lot of teeth contact.

-54t chain ring. Standard would be 50 or 52 for ultegra. It’s pancake flat here so it’s nice to sit in the middle of the cassette during fast group rides, and can still do punchy climbs no problem with a 34 on the back


Nice! Classic age of mx there. Cagiva’s in that era were rare in the states. There were a few in our area and they seemed pretty cool.


I built it and tore it down. Its on a shelf now in case I crash out one of my carbon bikes.

Realized I haven’t posted the new cx bike yet…took it to its natural habitat (Eva Bandman) for the first time:


I love the look of those Treks (the Emonda ALR as well, I had one for a bit but it was too big). I love the green and the purple is stunning, but I just can’t get on with that green/purple combo. If it was all-green or all-purple I would’ve bought one by now.

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It’s really hard to photograph; the purple and green parts fade back and forth depending on the angle/lighting. It’s petty wild in person.

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Previously posted, this is the typical narrow drop bar build of this frankenbike:

However, for a bit of fun, I now have an alternate cockpit I can swap out:

I’m going to cut those 800mm bars down to around 720mm, get a 3D printed out-front computer/light mount that’ll integrate into the faceplate bolts, and maybe add SQlab innerbarends or something else for long ride comfort. Oh, and a compact Spurcycle bell because this setup is for bike paths and around town.


Just upgraded my 2021 Topstone 1 with some Roval Terra C wheels!

Major changes include:
Redshift ShockStop stem
Ergon style seatpost (Chinese carbon)
11-40 XT cassette with Wolftooth Roadlink DM
GRX RX600 46/30 crankset
42c Pathfinder Pros

It’s quite a comfy ride with the flexy seatpost and stem. But not as comfy as my other aluminum bike:

2018 YT Jeffsy AL also has many upgrades, including I9 1/1 wheels, OneUp bars, OneUp 180mm dropper, and XT crank w/Stages PM.

Also have a basically stock 2015 CAAD10 105 (trainer bike) and upgraded 2014 Rockhopper (kid hauler/town bike). All aluminum bikes for me… but if I could do it all again, probably would/could spend the same amount on 1-2 mid/high end carbon bikes… but then I wouldn’t be able to upgrade as much, and that’s half the fun!


My new Specialized Allez Sprint, size 49.
Shimano 105 di2.
Reserve 52/63 wheels.
Enve SES 29mm tyres.
Prime 120mm carbon stem.
Pro Vibe aero alloy handlebar - 36cm
Wahoo Speedplay power pedals
Prologo Dimension NDR CPC saddle.

8.5kg as pictures, so no feather weight, but for an aluminium bike with deep section wheels I don’t think 8.5kg is at all bad.

This was (for the most part) an insurance replacement after I crashed headlong at speed into a tree that fell across my path in December. The top tube of the frame (carbon) cracked from the impact. Super happy with this as a replacement.

I think it looks great, although if I had been able to choose I probably would have gone for a more exciting colourway for the frame.


2023 CAAD 13. 105 Di2, Selle SMP Dynamic saddle, Garmin RS200 pedals, Enve Road stem, Coefficient RR bar.


23.9 lb kids MTB. (He likes the saddle that low- don’t judge)

The problem with kids bikes is that they’re either crap and weigh a ton….or use adult parts and weight a ton. The bike is a huge percentage of their weight.
Found this guy used. Pulled the worn and heavy bits off, replaced with stuff from the parts bin, Aliexpress , and some new things. This particular model is nice because it supports 24 through 27.5 wheels.

I set it up for his 52lbs (10psi in the rear shock and -10psi(vac) :slight_smile: ) in the fork - the pressure chart only went down to 100lb and I needed to do some math) and then test rode it. Squished right down to the bump stops. Rear tire was grinding on the saddle.

I’ve since put a Raceface/Fox SL dropper on it because the effort is super low relative to other droppers. Freaking kid rides it in the down position always!!! :slight_smile:


Trek checkpoint 2021 alr4
Used as winter bike, loving the gp5000 35mm tyres
9.5 kg with mounts, fixings, bottle cages


My BMC ALR ONE. Weights in at 8.4KG (Without pedals, but with bottle cages and mount).

It’s my main bike and I love it. Trimming the steerer (bikes actually in the shop right now for that). I installed an integrated handlebar/stem and I love the look and feel.


State Undefeated Road Disc. The Crit Boi.