Show me your "Aluminati" builds!

Not exactly a racer but back at the start of 2015 this was my last Aluminati build.

It went into storage for just over 3 years and when I got it out last year it was showing its age.

Its even worse now its done 8,900 miles.


Thanks! Still regretting it to this very day. :tired_face:

Why :scream: I’m actually about to sell my SWorks SL-5 and while keeping my Allez Sprint with no intention on buying anything else to replace the Tarmac.

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That’s actually a better idea. I think the Allez is a classic and will age well. I had to manage my garage, still have 2 other road bikes, and I wanted to try out gravel. It was a tough choice.

I’ve been trying to sell my SW SL5 Disc for a few weeks now… I’ve only had a single tire-kicker come look at it. Tough market at the moment (I was hoping there’d be someone with Christmas money to spend).

I’m probably going to let it go for much less than I wanted, though I do have a family friend who’s interested.

Otherwise, my Allez will be ready for commuting come Spring.

Mine has DA w/manual shifters and rim brakes. While I haven’t put it out there yet, my wrench at the shop says it will go quick.

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Yeah, the SL5 disc was definitely more of a proof-of-concept bike.

I have pretty much all top end components (Enve, eTap HRD, etc) and it still tips the scales at 17.5 pounds. Also has post mount brakes and MTB QR axles.

If it were what you have (and maybe a size bigger), I would be keeping it, no question.

Ask/receive. You probably no longer care two years later but wth…


I would have snapped your arm off if it had been a local (to me) sale.

Cannondale Slate
1x conversion. 44t x 11-42t GRX 812 Mechanical
Lightweight Bars
Carbon Seatpost
Stages PM
Conti TerraSpeed 650b x 40


Just brought my older Felt TK3 back to life with shop bin and used parts. Things don’t match well brand-wise but I don’t mind for this bike.

It’s used for group rides until maybe mid-March when the pace and attacks start to go beyond what I can handle on a fixie. Otherwise, it’s my non-serious bike for long endurance rides or short punchy fun rides.

The shop added the bottle bosses. It’s now just a fixie, so anything goes in my mind and why not.

The wheels were road wheels. The front is still original and quick release and the back was relaced to a DT Swiss fixed/fixed.

The down tube vinyl covering the old Felt logo is 10001. That’s 17 in binary, the bikes number. I wanted to use 17, so once I saw the binary was a palindrome, I was sold. However, I only used some sheet vinyl and no transfer vinyl so my top 1 has maybe 1mm looser kerning. Luckily I don’t see it when I ride and I’m a forgetful person. On the mend list, though. Will order up a decal next time.


I was a long time CAAD10 owner, but as of a few years ago went all in on disc brakes… With the larger tire clearance afforded by disc brakes(meaning a bit more comfort), I’ve always thought that aluminum might be worth another shot… We’ll find out!!!


Ohhhhh myyyy! :open_mouth:

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Dang dude — that turned out great! Love the 17 graphic and fixed is so much fun for goofing around.

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Maaaan a road or track bike from Andrew has been on the list for a long time. Got a ride report for us??

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I don’t know what it is, but everything about the L O W design language speaks to me. A bucket list bike whenever the chances of me torching it in a crit are lower.