Shimano R8000 Crank Crack

There is a long story here, but ulitmately I am really disappointed in what I thought was a great product before today. I have a warrenty claim into Shimano and this will likely be covered, but I don’t know if I want another one of these on my bike. Some research shows that this is not that uncommon for people to experience this with the hollow tech cranks.

Am I over-reacting? Anybody else have this problem? Just slap on another and keep pedaling?

Honestly, it is kinda hard for anyone to comment without knowing what the background may be in the crack…

It seems like it should be covered under warranty, but again, without details I can’t say. I have always found SHimano cranks to be very dependable and bulletproof.

I have seen Shimano cranks snap, mostly on the non-drive side.

However, it is very difficult to say whether it’s a wide-spread issue or not without only relying on anecdotes and personal stories.

Also, OUCH!

I don’t think so. Such a failure could cause a serious accident and just shouldn’t happen — unless you have had an accident or so. To me that is akin to a frame, fork crown, steerer or handlebars fracturing. Shimano should replace this under warranty.

On another forum I frequent, an avid amateur racer has had this happen twice with DuraAce cranks. Anecdotes ≠ evidence, I know.

Sometimes stuff breaks. And Shimano probably sells more cranks than anyone else, perhaps more cranks than everyone else combined. As long as they sort you out with your warranty claim I’d just get on with life.

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Corrosion gets under that joint and delaminates the outer part from the core of the spider. It’s not the brightest design, in my mind.

I’m on my 3rd Ultegra hollowtech in 4 years. With my current one, I’ve gotten more rigorous about breaking down the crank once a month and greasing at those joins to keep corrosion from penetrating. I hadn’t thought to attempt a warranty claim.

But yeah… dumb design, and very dangerous.

I blame TrainerRoad - obviously you are producing too many watts. :grinning:


Not uncommon apparently, check out:

wow I’ve never been so happy about my 105 groupset :laughing:

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CHeck out @thanksshimano on instagram. the way they glue the parts together is NOT good.

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whoa! Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking. This thing has never been crashed or anything. It’s just cracked from regular use.

6800Ultegra series were prone to cracking…I know of three people who cracked theirs. My understanding was that 8000 fixed those issues. I haven’t had any issues with mine on either of my bikes.

Timing is everything :wink:


Good read.

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