Shimano me700 pedals

Any experience with above pedals? I’m abandoning the road style pedals back to my trusted Spd, but wondering whether the extra plastic around the pedals will allow for more contact with the shoe, or is it all a bit of marketing towards making me think that?
I was going to get the m520’s but for around the same price, might branch out if there’s any benefit.

Shimanos M520s (or M540s) are so good, I would not consider anything else when it comes to SPDs. Absolutely incredible and reliable product for me for what feels like almost a decade.


Are you still going to be wearing road shoes or will you also be switching to a more MTB style shoe with tread around the cleat? If you’re keeping your road shoes then the extra plastic around the pedal won’t do anything. But if you are switching to an MTB shoe that has a flexier sole then the extra pedal body might help prevent that flex and any resulting pressure points. It would also give you something more to push off on if you miss the clip in on the first try.

It costs a bit more my I think the M530s are the same pedal as the 520s but with an extra cage around them. If I was going for the cage design then I might spend the extra $10-$15 and go with that to avoid the plastic bits.

I’ll be using mtb shoes! (They look a bit roadie)

There is also the A520 and A600 “road” spds. One sided but have the pedal body for more stability. Also slightly lighter. I use these on my gravel bike since I rarely unclip and the single side entry is not an issue.


I’ve been using them since I started, now consolidating all my bikes back to them