Shimano Cranks 11 speed 12 speed

  • Can I run 11 speed chain rings with shimano 12 speed front DR still or can I fit left side power meter on onto a 12 speed spinal?

  • Kinda don’t want to give up my 4iii power meter just because of the new 12 speed.

  • 11 speed and 12 speed look pretty much the same.

Chains are the same diameter/ spacing on the inside; its only the outside plates that are thinner to allow for shifting between Cogs. My 11sp crank failed at Christmas and in the interim (until yesterday) I ran an older 10sp chainring no problem.

Separately, if its a left side 4iiii of the same type of Crank arm bolt as the new 12spd just run the 4iii with it. A few years back I had just bought a new crank arm pm and fitted it to Ultegra cranks when I was offered a Dura Ace crankset. For a while I ran the Ultegra left crank with PM with the Dura Ace drive side crank no problem either (other than aesthetically, one grey crank saying Ultegra and on the other side a black one saying Dura Ace :joy:)

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