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Hi all,

Am I wrong in assuming that if I add a media on Strava (on a TrainerRoad workout) before that TR added it’s own picture (with the workout, progression levels and so on) that will block TR in adding it?

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Doubtful, as Strava supports multiple images. And even if it did work, you’d need to be pretty quick to beat automated API calls that likely immediately follow the ride upload. But I could always stand to be corrected …

I think that it takes a couple of minutes top. But I usually can add a pic before TrainerRoad added it’s own.
Try it yourself :wink:

Does it block TR from adding their own images though? Or do you get both?

TrainerRoad didn’t add its own.
Like if it was blocked.

Of course I could wait before adding mine, but I wasn’t sure about the behaviour

Well then I absolutely do stand corrected! Interesting behaviour, not sure if this was intentional, if this is how Strava API works, or if the API is not used as expected.

I sometimes edit descriptions in Strava before the image arrives. Once (or possibly twice) it’s blocked the image upload from TR, I guess maybe I was saving the activity in Strava, just as TR was uploading the image.

Good question @ddddavidee !! Let me find out for you :slight_smile:

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You are correct! If you add a media on Strava before TR is able to add it’s own picture (with the workout, Progression Levels and so on), it will block TR from adding it.

However, it’s important to point out that this won’t occur if you just try to add extra media to your ride. Any editing of the Strava file can cause the TR image not to upload.

Support also won’t be able to re-push an image to a Strava account if there’s already an image attached to the ride.

As a general best practice, we recommend waiting for the TR image to appear before editing the ride at all. :slight_smile:


You can also block TR image from uploading at all i believe,in Strava settings…or at least you used to be able to.

Thanks a lot @Caro.Gomez-Villafane !
You’ve confirmed what I guessed.
Next time I’ll remember to wait a little before adding a meme pic to the ride. :expressionless:

Have a nice day and thanks for the help

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