Seeking Recommendations

I own a Trek FX 7.1 attached to a Saris Fluid2 Smart-Equipped Trainer. I have spent the past 10 days attempting to build a rocker plate and this morning I have to admit defeat. The plans and instructions I have are excellent, but the project is beyond my meager abilities. Part of the problem is due to the lack of parts availability (everyone must be working on projects around here); most of the problem is my lack of craftsmanship. If you need a project managed, I can do that. Build something? IKEA furniture takes me all day for the simplest pieces…but I digress.

I am seeking recommendations on a couple of things –

  • A rocker plate/trainer platform for my existing equipment
  • A dedicated trainer that will work with TrainerRoad

The more reasonably-priced, the better, but I am not interested in a cheaply made solution, either.


For the trainer… what is your budget? I continue to use my KK (dumb) trainer and virtual power without issue.

You can get these trainers relatively inexpensively — especially if you find them used.

For smart trainers, budget at least $1k USD.

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