Science and Wheel depth

I am looking at buying some new aero gravel wheels. But how deep is too deep? I have searched online and can’t find an answer based in science just a lot of n=1 stuff. Can anyone share a study that has considered this topic? Or even information that is rooted in science.

Thank you in advance and keep shredding that Gnar!!

Isn’t depth totally pointless in gravel races since you can’t follow the “105% rule”?

But of course, if wheels are an ornament for you, the deeper the better, until you crash from crosswinds.


105% rule?

It’s explained in the article. In short, your rim needs to be 105% of the width of your tyre for you to gain the advertised aero benefits. How would that even be possible on gravel with wide tyres? It’s difficult enough on road.

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Just finished the article. Very interesting point on the 105 rule. According to this article aero wheels are not useful/possible for gravel. It’s interesting because all of the companies listed in the article (HED, Zipp) all sell aero gravel wheels.