Schwalbe's New Aerothan Inner Tubes

Road Toob Riders Unit: another new option for the anti-tubeless crew.

  • Just make sure to bring your plastic…

Retail price is — gulp — about US$32 for all sizes, with pricing in other currencies to be confirmed.

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Would these be similar to the Tubolito tubes @mcneese.chad? Those are super expensive too. I carry one as a spare because of how compact it is and gives me more room in my tool bottle to carry gels.

This article is a good one for those wanting to read more about the rolling resistance of different tubes.

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Yeah, I think there are some similarities and they cost about the same too. I haven’t researched either one a bunch yet, but they seem to be the top of the pile for performance tubes.

I have been using Tubolito on my mountainbike this season and they seem very nice. Got one flat from a sharp object. Tried reparing with the repair kit, but they actually seem to be more or less single use so that’s not great.
As for the price, I bet some people here have paid more than $32x2 for saving ~100g rotating weight on their bikes :wink:


Why don’t any of these high end tubes come with longer valve stems? I hate using valve extenders so I couldn’t even use any of these offerings.


From Tubolito website:
the S-Tubo-Road is the ideal choice as a replacement hose and in the fight for best times. With 42, 60 and 80 mm valve lengths it is available for different rim heights


What’s wrong with a valve extender? Fit and forget in my experience.


Isn’t this the same material used by ultrathin condoms? hehehehe

They leak after you install/uninstall them a few times. That said, I’ll be sticking to latex

Never had that bother myself. Oh well.


Wondering if anyone is using these for road racing or crits? Low rolling resistance, supple, improved puncture resistance, and significant (depending on context) weight savings seems like a no-brainer, but they aren’t really marketed as such. What gives?

I bought some to replace my conti race light tubes. They are ~25 grams lighter once you add the valve stem extenders to run deep wheels. They also lose pressure quicker than the race lights (might be leaking at the valve extenders to be fair). Ride quality is the same. All in all, not worth it compared to the race light tubes IMO.

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been running these for a year now on one of my road bikes and had zero flats over about 5000km with 28mm Conti GP5000 while my other bike did flat twice.

they handle well and are indeed very light plus they work with valve extender in my 60mm wheels though i do have to pump them up every 2 weeks. They dont go completely flat but wont hold 90PSI for more than a week.

I think its a great product. i cant say they are better than latex as i never tried those. in combination with the gp5000 they can certainly handle rough terrain which impressed me!
the price discussion is funny: 30 USD? i spend more on bars and electrolytes each month and been running this tube for over a year so i think its good value for money if they last this long :slight_smile:


I’ve started running the Pirelli equivalent, the Smartube. They seem to be very light and supple and made for a noticeable difference in my ride last week. With that being said, I haven’t quite settled what I’m going to do in terms of carrying spares, since patching doesn’t seem like a great option. So I’m thinking of carrying butyl tubes and a patch kit for that one time I’m in the middle of nowhere and have popped all my tubes because I can’t find a piece of glass lodged in teh tire.