Schwalbe's New Aerothan Inner Tubes

Road Toob Riders Unit: another new option for the anti-tubeless crew.

  • Just make sure to bring your plastic…

Retail price is — gulp — about US$32 for all sizes, with pricing in other currencies to be confirmed.

Would these be similar to the Tubolito tubes @mcneese.chad? Those are super expensive too. I carry one as a spare because of how compact it is and gives me more room in my tool bottle to carry gels.

This article is a good one for those wanting to read more about the rolling resistance of different tubes.

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Yeah, I think there are some similarities and they cost about the same too. I haven’t researched either one a bunch yet, but they seem to be the top of the pile for performance tubes.

I have been using Tubolito on my mountainbike this season and they seem very nice. Got one flat from a sharp object. Tried reparing with the repair kit, but they actually seem to be more or less single use so that’s not great.
As for the price, I bet some people here have paid more than $32x2 for saving ~100g rotating weight on their bikes :wink:


Why don’t any of these high end tubes come with longer valve stems? I hate using valve extenders so I couldn’t even use any of these offerings.

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From Tubolito website:
the S-Tubo-Road is the ideal choice as a replacement hose and in the fight for best times. With 42, 60 and 80 mm valve lengths it is available for different rim heights


What’s wrong with a valve extender? Fit and forget in my experience.


Isn’t this the same material used by ultrathin condoms? hehehehe

They leak after you install/uninstall them a few times. That said, I’ll be sticking to latex

Never had that bother myself. Oh well.